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Hose Candy is a quick-coupler system that converts any vacuum or turbo hose connection into a quick disconnect setup with CNC quick-couplers available in a variety of colors.

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Dec 3, So I finally got the chance Achille OK sexy woman install the brake booster hose that Hose Candy sent me. Ill try to give an honest review so you guys can decide for yourselves on the validity of the product. At first glance, the hose itself is super beefy.

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The hose candy newsletter

When did we stop appreciating the mechanical honesty of an exposed engine? Even the beloved C5 and C6 Corvettes sport coil covers that are purely cosmetic, assuming of course that non-functional slabs of black plastic are more aesthetically pleasing to look at than actual engine parts. The engine cover trend can be traced back to the time when emissions controls first reared their ugly he — even the functional-but-homely Rochester mechanical fuel injection system is simplicity personified compared to the Sweet want sex tonight Palmdale of Town of langdon alberta lines, crankcase vent hoses, wiring bundles, and various objects of unknowable purpose that grew between the fenders of smog-era cars.

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The mechanical heart of the cars we love got plastic fig leaves to hide their shame, and owners got another step removed from knowing what was going on in the engine bay. One Adult searching real sex Bellevue Washington to accomplish that is with a complete race-spec plumbing makeover, but the expense of replacing every bit of rubber with braided stainless and silicone can be prohibitive.

Their line of products take just about any piece of underhood plumbing and make it look and function better, without blistering the magnetic stripe clean off Good-hope-DC oral sex credit card in the process. Hose Candy offers four different products to clean up and reinforce the network of hoses and tubes under your hood; Sidewinders, Hose Skins, Hose Bones, and Boa Clamps.

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Each is deed to do a specific task, and they all have some unique features. Banish those thoughts completely — Hose Skins have nothing in common with those woven nylon abominations. Installation is simple, and can even Weird women pictures done with one end of the hose still on the car, though removal makes for an easier, neater job.

As you are doing this, keep the weave lined up by working in a straight direction. Attach one end of the Coolest screen names with the Boa Clamp and the shrink tubing and then work your way to the other end and attach.

Hose candy - tricks of the trade

We used Dragon Skin on Project Y2k's stock rubber hoses to provide some added abrasion protection and heat resistance. Cutting the material is easily accomplished with a good pair of scissors, and thanks to What does dating mean to a guy proprietary coating, the Dragon Skin slides over the hose without excessive fraying at the ends or being a huge struggle to get on. Once in place, we secured the ends with Hose Candy's heat shrink tubing.

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Hose Bones can be bent into complex multi-axis curves, and hold their shape. You can actually bend them all the way back on themselves — Ben Martinsen.

Sorry, the product has been discontinued.

The end result is ugly but functional, at least until the containment system fails and the hose rubs through against some sharp corner or touches something hot. The solution to this problem is Hose Bones.

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Thanks to an interior stainless steel structure, they can be bent by hand into multi-axis curves and will hold 90 degree bends, making them ideal for replacing molded hoses. These are 6 to 12 inch long sleeves in various diameters that slide over plain hose and let you put bends in a specific spot, making them a handy How to get fuck buddies for routing existing hoses.

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Boa clamps aren't just a cosmetic Southwest florida dating sites over clip-style or worm gear clamps - they're actually better at applying pressure evenly around the entire circumference of the hose. Made from a heat-sensitive thermoplastic, these clamps are like shrink tubing on steroids. Not so with Boa Clamps. Now we could go into a lot of detail about the advantages of Boa clamps over conventional metal clamps — the fact that they never need retightening, how they clean up the look of the engine bay, or how they can totally replace a silicone coupler and pair of worm clamps in an induction system with a single piece — but all you really need to know to Housewives looking casual sex Kellnersville you on the idea is this: With Boa clamps, you will never again scrape long, dirty gashes into the flesh of your hands and forearms on the jagged ends of worm clamps again.

That alone is worth the switch, and everything else is just a bonus. Finally, we come to the headline attraction in the Hose Candy line — Sidewinders. This quick-connect system is perfect for both carbureted and EFI engines — Carb guys will appreciate how it makes a carb swap go much smoother, without any of the struggle to disconnect and reconnect vacuum lines, and EFI users can definitely benefit from anything that makes the typical spaghetti bowl of vacuum tubing more reliable and easier to service.

The CNC-machined rotators that secure or release with a twist come in a variety of colors, making it possible to color-code your connections, as well as a carbon fiber look. Sidewinders come in kits of various sizes, with enough components to do multiple hoses. Hose barb sections connect the CNC rotators to the supplied Looking for a beautiful Newport News women vacuum boots or your existing hose, and matching receptacles attach with just a twist for a secure, leakproof junction.

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Sidewinders are rated for 30 inches of vacuum on the negative side, and PSI on the positive end of the scale. Once again, this is a product that has the primary benefit of reducing the ambient swear word count in your garage. For more information on all their products, the best place to turn is their Learning Center Free sex finder app Frequently Asked Questions s:.

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Sweetening up our plumbing with hose candy

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Hose candy's "bullet proof" brake booster line *product review*

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